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I grew up with playgrounds in a way that most children didn't - I helped build them and install them from a very young age. It was our family's business. As a young adult, I even trained crews to install the playgrounds. Eventually, I became the Marketing Director for the company doing everything from photographing the playgrounds on site to designing the catalogs and trade show displays. 

But playgrounds really became part of my heart when I had my first child. I found I had many opinions about what types of products really helped him connect with nature, what challenged him, what stimulated his brain, etc. Watching him interact with sand, dirt and water in the Nature Table and being able to easily move it and clean it out made me appreciate the ingenuity of the these products my Dad (and others in our company) designed. 

Now, with two young boys, my connection with parks and playgrounds is even stronger. We lived in a remote part of Northeast India for 2 years recently and felt the huge void left by not having safe parks nearby. Back in the US now, we spend nearly every day in some type of park with some type of playground equipment. And I am more grateful than ever to be able to offer safe, environmentally friendly playgrounds to others as well. 

I am grateful for what we've been given, and I'm looking forward to helping you create a safe play environment for your children.


Tabitha Sani

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